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There is not always a guarantee that advertising an opportunity and relying on active job seekers will secure the best person for the role. This is often the case when the available “resource pool” is relatively small or difficult to target and there are times when it’s simply not a good idea to tell the world that you are recruiting. When a discrete and focused search is required, Sperry Partners’s knowledge of the inactive market and headhunting expertise comes into its own.

For niche skill sets, a more proactive approach is vital to success. It will not be sufficient to simply rely on advertising and wait for the quality applications to drop into the inbox!

Sperry Partners have the expertise in the area of Headhunt and Search techniques gained from a number of years working within the Banking and Finance sectors, where such techniques are almost the only way to ensure success in filling demanding vacancies.

Headhunting and Search techniques can be applied to:

  • Identify teams of high calibre staff that are known to have the skills required
  • Target specific individuals or those who come highly recommended by referral
  • Leverage information resources such as our large database of contacts

Get the most out of advertising responses. Often it is not the advert applicants themselves that are the best candidates for a job, but perhaps someone they can refer. Or perhaps the ideal candidate is simply the person that sits next to them at work, someone who is well taken care of and not actively considering a move

A large proportion of Sperry Partners’ sources of applicants are confidential and proprietary. Our methods are very focused on headhunting and utilizing our established relationships with existing members of the IT community.

From a range of information sources, specific individuals and teams known to contain staff of the calibre required will be identified and profiled to establish their suitability and screened as potential candidates. This additional focus in seeking out appropriate skills, combined with the extra candidate care required, makes for a resource intensive but candidate sensitive approach.

However, because we consider this approach to be one of the keys to the success of many recruitment partnerships, our clients are not charged at a higher, premium rate for this service as other firms choose to do.

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